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Cobra Kai Season 4: Eps Talk Johnny and Daniel’s Partnership, Sam/tory Rivalry That’s ‘never Been Hotter’

Cobra Kai, the action-fiction-comedy series, is all set to return and certain rivalries transform into unexpected alliances, whereas other beefs may continue to be aggressive forever. But in spite of the fact that Daniel and Johnny’s apparently smashed drama, that in no manner, shape or form signifies things will be simple for the dojos.

The executive producer and co-showrunner Jon Hurwitz said while hinting “You’ve seen Johnny and Daniel’s relationship now for over 30-some-odd years, so to expect completely smooth sailing would probably be a mistake.”

When we last left the dueling dojos, the two senseis (portrayed by Ralph Macchio and William Zabka) kept aside their differences in order to team up with forces against Johnny’s former mentor John Kreese (portrayed by Martin Kove) and the usurped Cobra Kai.

But as Hurwitz notes, the two karate masters both cut their teeth with very separate teachings. Whilst Miyagi-Do gave Daniel all of the life lessons required by him in combination with fighting techniques, Johnny was compelled to figure out his own way by using his own aggressive manner that arose out of Cobra Kai, but evolved into his own brand of badassery. Their tiffs have only soared the conflicts between them across the Karate Kid franchise.

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When and Where to Watch Cobra Kai Season 4?

In the forthcoming Season 4, the all ten episodes of which is set to premiere on Friday, December 31 on streaming giant Netflix, we will finally be able to get our first glimpse of what happens when the two dojo heads try to keep the past behind them. In brief, it’s going to be a rough journey.

What Can Be Expected in the Fourth Season of “cobra Kai”?

Hurwitz states “Johnny and Daniel have very different ideologies, and it has caused conflict throughout their lives,” adding further “They do have a common enemy now and want the same things. Plus, they’d have had some breakthroughs because of the wise words of Ali Mills.

But now it’s the two of them trying to teach a bunch of students together, so you can expect there to be some challenges, and the question that we’ll answer this season is how they respond to those challenges.”

But the Johnny/Daniel pairing is not the sole complex dynamic that will be seen all over the fourth season of the show. The differences between Sam and Tory, portrayed by Mary Mouser and Peyton List respectively, has “never been hotter,” as stated by the executive producer and co-showrunner Josh Heald.

Coming through last season’s drop in the Miyagi-Do dojo, Tory still holds “a lot of bad blood,” whilst Sam charges up with confidence and an interest to keep the conflict on.

Heald says “As the story unfolds in Season 4, that rivalry heats up, and as with any relationship, you have ebbs and flows in terms of who’s pissed off, who’s angry, who’s willing to bury the hatchet, and who needs to hash it out,” adding “We are living with that rivalry as much as we ever have before.”

Audiences will obviously see even more of Tory’s backstory unravel, and the additional disclosures regarding her family background may get Cobra Kai’s vicious female a slight sympathy.

He says “One of our favorite parts of writing this show is that we switch points of view quite often, and we try to never present anyone as the villain or the bad guy,” adding further “Everyone’s kind of a protagonist and everyone is kind of each other’s antagonist.

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Our goal is always to take you into these moments of intense confrontation where you really feel the motivations of both sides and at least [get] a mindset toward understanding what brings it to that moment beyond just a bloodlust or rivalry.”

Cobra Kai Season 4| Trailer

Netflix released the official trailer of the fourth season of the series on December 9, 2021. Click on the link below to watch the trailer.


With the trailer, it is quite clear enough that the Cobra Kai Season 4 is going to be thrilling. Let’s wait until it releases and stay tuned.


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