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Outlander Season 6 Teaser: Caitriona Balfe Is Sam Heughan’s Angel

As not all of us can time travel like any superhero, Starz released a teaser to increase the excitement of every fan until Outlander is released. Right from the very 1st episode to the next season, the main leads of the series are Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as Claire and Jamie respectively.

The teaser showed that both the characters had a conversation for almost 2 minutes. Later on, they discussed reaching Fraser’s Ridge. 

Claire notices that they might require food and more clothes while more food and spare clothes will be necessary. Jamie further confessed that when he visited Ardsmuir Prison, and there he saw \his wife.

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That moment got him and he said that she was always there in his hard times. Further calling her an angel To this his wife questioned if an angel would do this and kissed him. And just like this, the 6th Season of Outlander is going to be released on 6th March 2022.

What Shall You Expect in Outlander Season 6(Based on the Book)?

If you are a fan of Outlander just like me, then this is all you need to know about the upcoming season. As the 5th  season has made a lot of changes from the book and we all are just awestruck by what’s going to happen next. This series is not even an adaptation of the book directly and is based on some other storyline and is complete;y independent of what’s been done in the book.

Roger and Bree Might Time Travel for Real.

One of the shocking twists in Outlander season 5 was to send Bree and Roger on time travel And before going on a new whole journey Roger and Brianna bid adieu to all the members-only to return to the point from where they had to begum everything.

And this new approach was indeed a waste of everyone’s time as it didn’t interest any of the fans of the show. If the makers are strictly going to stick to the original book it is more likely that the sixth season will have something good in the show.

We Might Meet the Christie Family.

If you are wondering Claire may not reprieve from all the traumatic events as she had already suffered so much then you are wrong. Even though a lot has happened to Claire in the fifth season including her kidnapping and assaults there is a lot more going to follow through in the sixth season( also as mentioned in the book) Mostly Claire is tortured by a woman called Malva Christie who along with her causes problems for Claire. 

In the books, Malva’s family story is all messed up however that hasn’t been shown in the series yetMalva goes through a lot of abuse and has also been impregnated secretly by his brother. However, in the end, Malva was killed and Claire got arrested for the charges.

Moreover, with all such chaos, we just have to wait and watch what is going to be done in season 6. Are they going to follow the book or something else? This can only be solved once the 6th season is released.

We May Get to Know All About Claire and Jamie’s Obituary

As we all have this one particular doubt about the 4th season of Outlander along with the reason Brianna came back. It is even believed that James and Claire have died in the house fire on Fraser’s Ridge. However, it’s not how you think it is, in the book Claire must be creating some ether at home while Brianna must be making matches and that leads to the actual fire.

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Thus this accident must have occurred when the time traveler Wendigo Donner, will be reaching the house in his own time. Also, you must have seen him at the end of the 5th season.  Even though the house was harmed by the fire both Jamie and Claire were all right as we will be seeing the books later on. 

Even though a lot of stories differ from books these were the few instances above which differed between the book and the story. However, we are sure that the makers have it all sorted and we will see some amazing stories in the upcoming season. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite show and characters!

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