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A New Season of Emily in Paris Premieres on Netflix…

Last October, the release of Netflix’s Emily in Paris became a massive success. All these evident by just looking at the statistics, the Emmy-nominated show is watched by nearly 58 million households just within its initial 28 days on the streaming platform, which makes it Netflix’s top comedy of the year.

Obviously, after the immense success of the Darren Star-led series, it became easier for the streaming giant to go ahead with the green signal and renew the show for another season.

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Now, all of us are patiently waiting to watch what will be happening next to marketing extraordinaire Emily Cooper played by Lily Collins. What will become of Emily’s friendship with her best friend and now roommate Mindy played by Ashley Park? How will she go ahead with Gabriel played by Lucas Bravo?

Here’s what we know regarding the second season of Emily in Paris so far

Emily in Paris season 2 Trailer Where can it be watched?

On the 18th of November, the official trailer for the second season was released, and let’s just admit, it seems like there will be much more drama and credit goes to the love triangle that involves Gabriel, Camille, and Emily. And all the show lovers can head over to Netflix to watch the second season of Emily In Paris. Click on the link below to watch the trailer.

Emily in Paris season 2 Release date

We know everyone is waiting to see the second season of the show and despite most people believing Emily in Paris would be released in the next year, the good part is that it’s indeed returning sooner. The second season of Emily in Paris is already released on December 22, 2021.

Emily in Paris Season 2 Cast

So, all the main characters are returning to reprise their roles, and here are the names:

There will also be recurring characters like Kate Walsh as Madeline Wheeler, Arnaud Viard as Paul Brossard, Lucien Laviscount as Alfie, besides these, Eion Bailey, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Julien Floreancig, Carlson Young, Charley Fouquet, Victor Meutelet, David Prat, Faith Prince, Aleksandra Yermak have appeared as guest characters.

Emily in Paris season 2 What’s the next season about?

At the end of the first season, Camille Razat, who plays the role of Camille in the show, gave hints to the audience that we’ll see the Camille-Gabriel-Emily love triangle again, particularly in light of the events that uncovered in the finale episode of season 1.

Camille disclosed “It will be a rollercoaster,” adding “It’s much more complicated. There are many more emotional scenes. My character is even more important. I think season 2, will be better than season 1.”

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In the meantime, Lucas left an indication to Cosmopolitan that Camille might feel for Emily. Calling that the first season “planted a few seeds about different characters,” he utilized Camille as an example. Lucas described “Like Camille when she kisses Emily on the mouth, and she’s like, ‘I’m not sorry.’ And then when they’re in bed, and I’m liking the picture, it’s all little seeds,” adding “Anything could happen between the three of them.”

Talking about the other characters on the show, Darren intends on retaining them at the front line, both at the office and Parisian restaurants during off-hours.

Darren said in an interview, “We’ll see more of Emily’s work family, absolutely. Especially Sylvie, who I feel like is so mysterious,” adding “I want to understand her more and know more about her, without totally knowing, if that makes sense … Any excuse to see more of Mindy, I am all for.”

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Lily is also ready to take a deeper look into everyone’s backstories.

She stated during an interview “Now that we’ve seen her with all these ‘Parisisms,’ maybe we get to get to a bit more of her backstory, and experience that with some of the other characters,” adding further “But you always know with Emily you’re going to have humor and you’re going to have an adventure. There’s going to be no shortage of that coming up — and great fashion.”


After the massive success season, 1 got, we are sure the second one will do complete justice and not fail to impress the audience.

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