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The Betty White Centennial: Celebrating ‘100 Remarkable Moments

About Betty White’s Book and Richmond’s Involvement

Betty White has written three personal biographies or memoirs and has lived her whole life in people’s attention. When it was turning for writer Ray Richmond to write a book about Betty’s 100 years lifetime which will be celebrated on January 17, he wondered if there remained anything to disclose about her unique life and acting career.

When he googled about “facts about Betty White” Richmond was absorbed. “Betty White:100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life”, made available this week published by “Becker & Mayer Books”, was an in-depth survey about what makes the actress so adored as an artist and an evergreen personality in this young media culture.

Richmond, who is a former reporter of Variety and has written several books thinks that the “aw shucks” and bona fide approach of White about her own self and the urge to do it coupled with her spicy and hilarious side has been imperative to her fame all these years.

He believes that White is funny and fun-loving but always regards the faint difference that exists between fun and blatant stupidity. 

Richmond adds, “She’s humble about it all. She doesn’t think she’s all that. That’s attractive to mainstream America. She knows how to measure the room and the mood better than any entertainer I’ve ever seen. And she knows her brand better than anyone. She knows her limits what lines she can cross. She does it with flair and sophistication.”

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Besides, Richmond believes that health and genetics have been a blessing to Betty, saying, “One reason she’s achieved all that she has is that once a performer hits a certain age, you become iconic and loved simply because you’re still there.

Richmond About the Life and Career of White

But the uniqueness in White is that she has been pertinent and involved well in her older years and even 90s, with a principal role on a television show of TV Land “Hot in Cleveland” which streamed from 2010 to 2015, and another co-actor role in the romantic comedy of 2009 “The Proposal” alongside actors Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

White was also a host to “Saturday Night Live” in the year 2010 after a popular request by the fans of the show to convince executive producer Lorne Michaels. 

Richmond highlighted, “What people love about Betty is how game she is for everything apple pie and America — and in the same breath she can swear like a sailor.”

White’s “100 Remarkable Moments” Book

The book takes through a sequence of events about White’s life chronologically condensing them into 100 pivotal moments. It all started with the birth of Betty Marion White on January 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois to her parents Tess and Horace White.

After 18 months of her birth, their family shifted to Alhambra, a place in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

She actually grew up consumed in television. “100 Remarkable Moments” recalls her life events as a student of the high school where she participated in trial television programs in the late 1930s. After the Second World War, it was certain that she became one of the first TV people from Los Angeles by being a co-host of the live daily show “Hollywood on Television” which was streamed for five hours on the station which is now known as KCOP-TV.

With realistic stories, “100 Remarkable Moments” has given a detailed description of White’s development as an actor, host, game shows participant, animal life supporter, pitchwoman, author, producer, and a familiar figure to many people in Hollywood. Richmond follows the giant step she took through her successful outcomes on CBS’ “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” as the man-hungry Sue Ann Nevins.

Post that she was pivotal in NBC’s “The Golden Girls” as the soft-hearted Rose Nyland and the cutting Elka Ostrovsky of “Hot in Cleveland”.

Richmond’s Knowledge About White’s Personality in Writing the Book

                            Author Ray Richmond

Richmond shares his delight in the “100 Remarkable Moments” that he was given the opportunity to work with “Mary Tyler Moore’s” actor Gavin MacLeod, who co-starred alongside White in the sitcom before he passed away last May at 90 years of age.

MacLeod had highly opined of White saying, “You don’t find many people who blend great talent and great humanity in so perfect a fashion. Everybody wants to be around her because she has such a positive nature, such a cheerful vibe. It’s like she emits an electric current that draws people to her.”

Needless to say, it is a book on the collective precious moments of an enthusiastic artist who was destined to perform in front of a camera.

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Some of her achievements are extremely popular and some are not, like her performance on New Year’s Day in 1955 where White and Bill Goodwin played hosts to the Rose Parade for NBC by acting that they were viewing it from Pasadena’s Colorado Boulevard when in reality they were at a studio in Burbank.

White could not involve herself in the book. Richmond was startled at how much knowledge he got about White by talking with friends and contributors like actresses Candice Bergen, Carol Burnett, Wendie Malick, producer Ed. Weinberger and fellow actor from “Mary Tyler Moore” Ed Asner, who expired at age 91 this August.

He concluded by saying, “Unlike so many stars, the deeper you look, the more you find dirt on them. They really aren’t quite the image they project. The further you dig into Betty White, the greater she gets. It’s uncanny.”

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