Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Leads Another Quiet Weekend at Box Office

Disney’s new animated movie ‘Encanto’ stays on the top of the domestic chart of the Box Office for another week. With no other big franchise film to pose a threat, the Madrigals family stayed on top. 

Financial status

The Disney music fable stays at the top of the board for two consecutive weeks but the film has not been a hit when it comes to figures. Encanto grossed $12.38 million in its second weekend of distribution from 3,980 venues in the United States and Canada. This represents a 54% dip from its premiere week. The film has now made a total of 57.6 million dollars in its first two weeks of release.

This drop of Disney films between the first and second months of release has been consistent with its Thanksgiving releases. Frozen II, Ralph breaks the internet, Coco, and Moana, all experienced similar results in their respective years of release. But the major difference between these films and Encanto is that Encanto is being played in cinemas amid a pandemic, this is the time when people avoid visiting places with a gathering of people.

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Keeping these constraints in mind, the animated film is doing very well in the cinemas. Apart from “Encanto” and its other holdovers, such as MGM’s star-studded murder drama “House of Gucci” and Sony’s revival of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” the box office has been very quiet. After a 30-day run in theatres, the family-friendly adventure about the Madrigals family, which features music by the creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, will be released on Disney Plus.

The impact of the Corona Virus on the cinema industry

The Corona Virus has disturbed the economic condition of the world. With the world at a halt, all the major industries of the world have experienced a setback. As are all of the other industries, the cinema industry is also highly affected by the Corona Virus pandemic. The spread of the virus caused the closure of cinemas as well as put a stop to the production of films.


As CoronaVirus started to sweep away from our lives, the new Omicron variant has stepped into the game. Now, as we return to normalcy, the production has been started, and new and big-budget films are coming out. Cinemas have also been reopened and are serving films like Encanto. But the people are still afraid to visit cinemas, and also, there is the uncertainty which scares the people and producers about the future of the industry. 

Will the cinema return to its former glory?

Even though big-budget films have begun to return to theatres and COVID-19 vaccines for younger children have been approved, movie theatre attendance has remained low due to fear and uncertainty. Hollywood studios and exhibitors are hoping that the combination of Spielberg’s final chapter “Spider-Man- No Way Home” and Neo’s return in “The Matrix: Resurrections” on December 22 will restore the lost glory of cinemas.

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The Spiderman final chapter is the most awaited film as it opens the way to multiverses in the Marvel universe and people expect the return of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spiderman of alternate timelines.  The Matrix franchise is also stepping in and the return of one of the greatest franchises will surely boost ticket sales.

The decline in film attendance over the years and then the Corona Virus break has given the cinema industry a strong blow, but upcoming films from big franchises are the last hope of the revival of the cinemas. 


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