Rihanna Dresses Up Like Rapper Gunna for Halloween

Whether it’s Halloween or the Met Gala, Rihanna always rocks her look. Rihanna is a Barbadian singer and songwriter. The songs she gave us included “Love The Way You Lie” and “Kiss It Better,” which were both superhits during this period.

Her hot looks and unique costumes help her slay the stage not only with her songs but also with her appearance. Her albums “Music Of The Sun” and “A Girl Like Me” were also among the best of their time. She was last seen in the music video for “Believe It,” She also provided the vocals.

Rihanna Dresses Up Like Rapper Gunna for Halloween
Rihanna Dresses Up Like Rapper Gunna for Halloween

It was a Beetlejuice-inspired dress that she wore for Halloween 2021. A long, black-and-white dress was paired with a black-and-white coat for the look. A pair of black peep-toe heels and dark sunglasses completed her look. Rihanna wore dark lipstick and a voluminous style to finish off her Halloween look.

Let’s Have a Look at Rihanna Halloween Costume

During her brother Rory’s New York Halloween Party, she was seen wearing this outfit. As soon as the media heard that Rihanna was there, they gathered there at 5 AM.

It isn’t the only look Rihanna rocked on the holiday weekend. The singer posted three Instagram photos mimicking Gunna’s faces and gestures from his past images. Her captions mirrored Gunna’s “D.” It was just too sweet. On November 1, it was “4”.

She dropped her look as Gunna on her Instagram story, and Gunna also shared her photo and commented on it. When fans saw that, they started to believe that they would see a collaboration between the two.

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With her new and different looks, Rihanna always rocks Halloween. In 2014 she dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and currently, she is dressed up as Pink Skeleton.

It seems that every Halloween, RiRi doesn’t compromise with her looks, and even though every Halloween has had a different theme, she has been at the center of attention at every party.

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