Hightown Season 2: Frankie Is Dead? Click to know

Hightown at STARZ just released its official trailer for season two, a crime drama that seems darker than the show’s first season. The second season will premiere on STARZ platforms beginning October 17 in the US and Canada at 9 PM ET/PM.

It was created by Emmy award-winning executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who also created CSI and Pirates of the Caribbean. Throughout the new season, Rebecca Cutter makes her debut as a writer and director.

Hightown Season 2: Frankie Is Dead? Click to know
Hightown Season 2: Frankie Is Dead? Click to know

Monica Raymund, Antonio Negret, Eagle Eglisson, Brandon Sonnier, and Radium Cheung were responsible for the show’s direction.

Fans can expect the return of Frankie Cuevas Sr. (Amaury Nolasco), Osito (Atkins Estimond), Alan Saintille (Dohn Norwood), Renee Segna (Riley Voelkel), and Luis Guzmán ( was recently cast as Gomez Addams in Tim Burton’s upcoming release)along with Raymund returning as Jackie and Quiñones.

There will also be an appearance by Janelle (Crystal Lee Brown) this season of Hightown.

Carlos Gómez as Rafael Quinones, Mark Boone Junior as Petey, Joan Xiao as Daisy, Cecil Blutcher as Vernon, and Imani Lewis as Tonya Glanz.

Hightown Season 2 All About Frankie

In this season of Hightown, which starts in summer, we see its picture-perfect summer version paired with Cape Cod’s off-season reality.

Jennifer Quinones (Monica Raymund) Achebe is given a chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a police officer.

Her focus is on stopping Frankie Cuevas (Amaury Nolasco), the drug dealer alleged to be responsible for Junior’s and her best friend’s passing.

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Jackie puts a lot of emotion into this catch, as everything she does is personal for her. Jorge (Luis Guzmán), Frankie’s cousin, brings chaos into the operation after it.

Following the discharge of Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale) as a depressed officer, Jackie found Leslie (Tonya Glanz) the only female partner left on the force. Jackie must overcome all her shame, failures, and a sea of secrets from her past to become sober.

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