Nicki Minaj appearance on The Real Housewives season 6

Nicki Minaj, the rapper, has joined the Bravo group as a new addition. ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ will be reuniting for its sixth season, she announced.

Grammy-winning rap singer Nicki Minaj is officially joining Bravo. Amidst much controversy over the possibility of Nicki Minaj hosting a reunion of Real Housewives of Potomac, the 38-year-old has confirmed she will appear at the reunion.

A photo of Nicki with Andy Cohen using the hashtag #Andiconda was shared by Nicki, who sang in Anaconda on 7th October. Rapper Gigi Hadid expressed her interest in hosting the reunion season of season six long before it happened.

Nicki Minaj appearance on The Real Housewives season 6
Nicki Minaj appearance on The Real Housewives season 6

“Moment 4 Life” played in the background as Nicki posted an agglomeration of clips from the series to her Instagram account, adding the caption “I’ll be hosting the reunion.”. Let me know what you want me to ask Chile.

Under the post of Nicki, Andy Cohen, the host of the reunions, commented that this was something he had always wanted. She was also endorsed by the other cast members who commented on her post.

What Nicki Minaj Shared About The Real Housewives season 6

The rapper posted a screenshot of a text exchange between herself and her publicist on her Instagram account.

Her publicist texted that Andy Cohen offered to give up his seat for her to host the Potomac reunion. During the text exchange, Nicki listed all-caps that displayed “OMFG,” and her publicist replied that it “would be a funny fucking moment.”

Karen said in the August interview with Hollywood Life that she was looking forward to Nicki taking part. Karen stated: “I hope Nicki covers!”.

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In addition to her honesty, Karen remarks on how Nicki is different than the others because she is a straight shooter. However, she is very excited to have her join the team. Fans and audiences can catch The Real Housewives of Potomac every Sunday at 8 pm by watching Bravo.

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